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Kelsi Russell


About me!

I'm pretty chill and am a bit of a home body for the most part, but going out to shows, local or travelling to them, is probably my favorite and something my fiancee and I have always loved doing together!

Why do you choose to use Infinite?

Fast production/shipping times, awesome quality, affordability for my clients, supporting Canadian made whenever I can! And it's been awesome to see this company grow in the last couple years, can't wait to see what's next!

Favourite music/ band you could listen to on repeat?

Capstan! They're my all time favorite band, we went to see them play some shows in Florida back in December and my fiancee proposed on their stage!

What made you start piercing/ got you interested?

I've always been into piercings & tattoos, but never was able to do the whole unpaid apprenticeship thing due to financial constraints. Things just fell into place I was finally able to do it!

What’s your favourite part of piercing?

Getting to install gorgeous jewelry into people is great, but the look on their face when they see how amazing it looks is definitely the best part! I also love educating people on proper aftercare & importance of jewelry quality. When people tell me the piercing I did for them healed better/faster than any other piercing they've had, it's pretty awesome!

Favourite piercing to preform?

That's a tough one because that seems to change every once in a while, but I'd probably say nipples, conches & bridges would be some of my tops!

Kelsi Russell
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