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Josh Darby


My name is Josh Darby (AKA Pinz), and I'm a body modification artist and piercer with 14 years experience from Vancouver, Canada. What made you start piercing/get interested? When I was younger I had watched my mother get some piercings and tattoos, which definitely sparked an early interest. A little later in life I watched a lot of documentaries about tribes in Africa, and how other cultures around the world used body modification as a rites of passage or sign of beauty. I became hooked! What's your favorite part of body piercing? My favourite part of performing body piercing, is that look when a client has received the exact perfect placement and you see their eyes light up, followed with a huge smile. The beauty in people's reactions to having control of their body has always been my driving force.

What's your favorite piercing to perform? This is a tricky one, as I can't break it down to one. I would say I have two, for two different reasons. My first being Daith piercings. When a client picks that beautiful gold ring, there's just something about the challenge to make that ring fill that area perfectly. My second being inverted nipple cases, again reflecting back to people gaining control over their bodies. When battling things like self image or insecurities, correcting this for clients can be a life changing experience. I've watched people cry their eyes out in joy, and you can see a new light come to their self confidence. This is what piercing is about to me. What's your favorite band/artist you could listen to on repeat? Hands down, Yavid. 🤘

What do you do in your free time? I tend to spend my free time off work with my family, consisting of my lovely partner and daughter. I love to play video games, adding to my collections, rocking out to music, as well as aspiring and studying to become a shibari artist. Why do you choose to use Infinite Body? I choose to use Infinite Body due to my practice only involving the highest grades available on the market. As a titanium only studio, having a quality product from a quality company, with a quality turn around time is essential to my survival as a buisness. My clients deserve the best, and I'm proud to offer this company as my main line for all procedures.

Josh Darby
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