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Barry Hannah - Dark Day


Darkday Studios is an established and reputable Tattoo & Piercing Shop in Red Deer Alberta, Canada. Favourite music/ band you could listen to on repeat

Barry: depends on mood Bad Religion or Beatles or Beasie Boys or Andre Bocelli or Garth Brooks

Jesye : The Flatliners !!!

What made you start piercing/ got you interested

Barry: I was doing a 3 year Massage Therapy and didn't want to go home for the summer and work for my mom(LOVE YOU MOM! I just didn't want to sew all summer). I was doing trades with the local piercer Massage for piercings and he wanted to train someone for the summer. It took some convincing but her agreed to train me.

Jesye: I've always been one to express myself though my image and I have always wanted to help others do the same and if anything come back to themselves and find power in how they can decorate their body to make themselves feel more at home in it

Your favourite part of piercing?

Barry: I once had a friend say "I am so jealous of your job because everyday you pierce you get to see genuine, authentic smiles. What other job gets that?" We get to be a piece of a persons journey!

seeing how someone feels just a little bit more beautiful when they leave ! Doesn't matter their age, the smile they give when they see themselves is the best part.

Favourite piercing to preform?

Barry: For some reason the Conch has always been one of my favourites to do.

Jesye: hands downs daiths and any ear projects with some beautiful jewelry;)

About us and our hobbies:

Barry: I have a cigar distribution company business, a performance coaching business, 4 kids, do Jiu Jitsu, help coach kids Jiu Jitsu, I hate to workout so I do it everyday and try have some fun adventures with my family, friends and staff. We are all always pushing each other to grow!

Jesye: If I'm not adventuring out side I'm doing all sorts of artistic hobbies , between photography paintings seeing to graphic design !

Why you choose to use Infinite Body

Barry: I've known Greg and his jewelry company since I worked in Vancouver in 2004. It has been really cool to watch him grow and grow the company in all areas! They have some beautiful pieces and stand behind the product. Also the customer service has been great!

Jesye: well for one their gold jewelry is like to die for ! We love to support our fellow Canadians and we love the energy they give us and have always supported us in growing our shop to helping us when ever we need ! We pride ourselves in being a family and we love that they do as well

Barry Hannah - Dark Day
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