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In 2022, Infinite Body chose to open a distribution network in the UK, expanding access to
high quality body jewellery for UK piercers. Since 2013, the UK has been a rapidly growing
market for high quality body jewellery, and Infinite Body are proud to be able to assist UK
piercers in gaining access to beautiful, safe jewellery. The UK is a unique and democratized
market in which the vast majority of piercers working with high quality body jewellery are
seeing the full fruits of their labor in return. Infinite Body are delighted to be assisting UK
piercing pioneers in growing their businesses without the need to learn the intricacies of
importing, and navigating the various laws and levies such an activity entails.

Infinite Body are excited to be partnering in this endeavor with UK ProTeam member David
Angeles. David has been piercing for a little over six years, and is a proud UKAPP and APP
member. He has been running his studio for a little over three years, and - whilst UK access
to high quality body jewellery has markedly improved in terms of both accessibility and
affordability since he started - he felt that there was still work to be done. Finding Infinite
Body was a revelation to him; A company providing fast turnarounds on the highest possible
quality jewellery, all from a country whose trading relationship with the UK meant simpler
access to its products. David is overjoyed to be a part of the Infinite Body team, and Infinite
Body are thrilled to be having regular video calls where they can talk to David's dog, Kevin.
Ordering with Infinite Body UK is very similar to placing an order with Infinite Body
Vancouver. First, simply reach out via email
( to set up an
account. This email should include your company name, invoicing address, shipping
address, company number (if applicable), and copy of your piercing license. You will then be
dispatched the IBUK price list and details for how to place and pay for your first order. We
are aiming to continually keep door to door turn arounds at four weeks or less, with no
surprise invoices at just the wrong time!

Add Infinite Body UK and follow our journey 


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